Important Deadlines

  • The Dean of the College Clearance Release Form (due February 1st)
  • A Personal Information Form (due March 1st)
  • The Applicant Waiver Release Form (due March 1st, this form is included in the PI form, page 5 and 6)
  • Recommendation Request Forms (due March 1st)   
  • Curriculum Vitae (due March 1st)
  • Intention to Reactivate and Update Materials for HPAC (Re-)Applicants Request (due March 1st) with updated application materials received by April 1st
  • For first time applications received after March 1st, the HPAC will only submit your individual letters of recommendation, your GPA, class ranking and a statement regarding your Dean’s Certification to your designated schools with a brief statement to the effect that you have requested that we do so. Please note that this will be sent in the absence of our Composite Letter of Evaluation.  
  • The Health Care Professional Applicant Authorization Letter Release Form (due May 1st)