• Aspiring Docs (the AAMC’s Aspiring Docs website provides resources and inspiration to help pre-med students get started on their path to medicine)
  • the Premed Navigator (a monthly email that includes relevant information, resources, tools, tips, and important dates for pre-med students at every stage of their journey to medical school)
  • Aspiring Docs Diaries blog





  • The AAVMC’s website (provides information, resources and tools to help pre-vet students get started on path to medicine)
  • The Pathways Newsletter (the AAVMC’s monthly newsletter designed specifically for pre-vet students)



  • The ASCO website (provides information and resources to help students get started on exploring a career in optometry)
  • ASCO’s Eye on Optometry blog (provides timely and useful information to anyone who is interested in applying to optometry school)