The HPAC Interview

The HPAC interview is a crucial factor for admission to a health professions school.

This is your opportunity to make a good impression upon the Committee and to explain any areas of potential concern (e.g., course grades) and/or otherwise defend your candidacy.

The HPAC interview will be scheduled upon completion of your HPAC Application Packet. Interviews take place between March and May. HPAC interviews cannot be guaranteed over the summer except for: (1) students who are studying abroad during the spring semester; (2) alumni who have deferred the application process following graduation; or (3) extraordinary circumstances approved by the Dean of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs.

If you decide not to be interviewed by the HPAC, yet nevertheless request a HPAC Composite Letter of Evaluation (CLOE), the HPAC CLOE will be minimal, lacking crucial detail—the CLOE will only consist of a cover letter describing Lafayette College, your class ranking, a statement of any misconduct (where necessary), and verbatim copies of your LORs.