The HPAC Composite Letter

The HPAC Composite Letter of Evaluation (CLoE) evaluates your personal preparation, and the strength and maturity of your decision to pursue a career in the health professions.

The letter is two to three pages long and is designed to present a balanced evaluation of you to the health professional schools. The CLOE may include quotes from your individual LORs to support our assessment. Additionally, at the end of the CLoE, we include verbatim copies of your individual LORs.

Health professional schools regard the committee letter as an important element of your application. The HPAC CLoE  is sent to your designated health professional schools as part of your application. We strive to have the CLoE written and ready for submission upon your written request to do so.

The CLoE can only be sent at your written request via the Student Release Form. This form is included in the Health Professions Application Packet.  The letter will only be sent to health professional schools and programs. It will not be sent to prospective employers or other non-health related professional schools or programs.

When is the CLOE written?

The composite letter is written after your interview with the Health Professions Advisory Committee.

What is written in the CLOE?

The content of our CLoE is based upon your:

  • Achievements during your college years derived from your Personal Information Form, Transcripts, Résumé/Curriculum Vitae, and Personal Statement
  • LORs
  • HPAC interview

Enclosed with the CLoE are the following supporting materials:

  • Your class standing (size of class and your class ranking)
  • An explanation of any academic, personal, or institutional misconduct as determined by the Dean of the College (see the Dean’s Clearance Form)

The CLoE concludes with an overall committee evaluation ranking as follows:

  • Highest Recommend
  • High Recommend
  • Recommend
  • Recommend with Reservation
  • Presented for Your Consideration

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