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Health Professions - The Campus Application

Each year, at the beginning of November, the Health Professions Program holds an application meeting for students planning to apply to a health professions school during the upcoming spring and summer. At this meeting, you will be given instructions regarding the application process and directed to the application materials required for the HPAC interview and subsequent composite letter of evaluation.

The application materials include:

  • A Personal Information Form (due March 1st)
  • The Health Care Professional Applicant Authorization Release Form (due May 1st)
  • Recommendation Request Forms
  • The Dean of the College Clearance Release Form (due February 1st) and
  • The Applicant Waiver Release Form (due March 1st, this form is included in the PI form, page 5 and 6)
  • Curriculum Vitae (due March 1st)
  • Intention to Reactivate and Update Materials for HPAC (Re-)Applicants Request (due March 1st)

For the forms, CV template & instructions, click here.

These forms may be filled out electronically.

These forms are submitted to Mrs. Chelsea Emrick ( along with:

  • A copy of your personal statement
  • A copy of your transcript/s
  • At least three (3) academic LORs (two from science professors)
  • At least two (2) non-academic LORs preferably from health care professionals (these letters need not be from faculty).

Please note:

  • All LORs must be received by Mrs. Emrick by March 1st.
  • LORs must be submitted as hard copies on letterhead.
  • The completed Recommendation Request Form must accompany each LOR.

Once your application file is complete, a Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) interview will be scheduled.

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