Study Abroad

Most health professional schools consider a study abroad experience a good thing, especially if you combine it with healthcare related experiences. Lafayette makes it possible for all students to study abroad, regardless of major. Contact the  Study Abroad office for more information, particularly for programs appropriate for students interested in the health professions.


Health professional schools want to be sure that the students they admit are dedicated to and knowledgeable about healthcare and all that it entails. In addition to volunteering at a hospital, shelter, clinic, or shadowing your personal physician, there are many opportunities for healthcare involvement through externships and internships. The Gateway Career Center offers a variety of opportunities and resources to help you obtain some of these experiences. You can also search for internships online at


Become an Emergency Medical Technician and ride with an EMT squad. EMT training may be obtained through Northampton Community College (NCC).

The Lehigh Valley Health Network Research Scholar Program offers a variety of summer and semester internship opportunities. These are available through the Gateway Career Center as well as from

Extracurricular & Service Activities

Through participation in activities outside the classroom, you will learn how to manage a complex time schedule, understand and experience organizational hierarchies, as well as develop critical interpersonal, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Ideally, you should become deeply involved in two or three activities with positions of responsibility and leadership during your college career. Especially important are activities in which you demonstrate a long-term and sincere commitment to helping others.

The  Landis Community Outreach Center in Farinon maintains a list of service opportunities that may be of interest to you.

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