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Health Professions Programming

Throughout the academic year, a number of activities and meetings are held for students interested in the health professions. During the meetings, information is provided about courses, internships, externships or national trends in the health professions. Students also have the opportunity to to connect with alumni who work in various health-related careers as well as those currently enrolled in or interviewing for admission to a health professional school during our annual Health Professions Open House event or regular panels and round table discussions.

connect with alumni  and presentations from health professionals (including alumni of Lafayette).

In November, a special information session for juniors, seniors, and alumni who intend to apply to a health professions school is held. If you plan to apply to a health professions school, please contact to let us know of your interest.

Health Professions Resource Library

A health professions resource library is located in 101 Scott Hall. To access the current list of books available, please click here.

Career Services Gateway Program

As early as your first year at Lafayette, you are encouraged to work with a Gateway counselor in Career Services. Throughout your studies at Lafayette, the program helps you plan and accomplish important career objectives, including opportunities for internships and externships in the health professions, résumé advice, and assistance in selecting a health professions career. Contact Career Services at (610) 330-5115 to make an appointment.

Landis Community Outreach Center

Students interested in public and community service activities should contact the Landis Community Outreach Center, 115 Farinon Center, (610) 330-5553.

Information on Summer Opportunities

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Don’t forget to email us at about your interest in the health professions so that we can include you on our email distribution list.

Health Professions Calendar of Events

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