Why didn’t I get accepted?

The most common reason for non-acceptance into a health professions program is:

  • The competition from other highly qualified candidates

Other common reasons for non-acceptance to health professions schools include:

  • Weak academic record due to non-competitive GPA
  • Course selection includes too many easy or lower division courses, science with lab courses taken during the summer
  • Low health professions admissions test scores
  • Insufficient clinical exposure
  • Paltry demonstration of a sustained interest in and/or a passion for a health professions career, including extra- and co-curricular activities
  • Non-compelling personal statement
  • Generic or weak letters of recommendation
  • Incomplete, sloppy, or late applications

Keep in mind that even stellar academic records and strong admissions test scores can be compromised by an apparent lack of clinical and other health care exposure.

Health professions schools expect applicants to demonstrate their commitment to the profession through a variety of experiences including the shadowing of health care professionals, reading articles and books about health care, participating in volunteer and community service activities, working in clinical settings, and conducting research. As such, prior to reapplying, candidates should engage in significant health care related activities including employment and/or service in some aspect of the health care industry, clinical research, etc.

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