The HP School Interview

The health professional school interviews play a critical role in your eventual acceptance into a health professional school.

Getting an interview is half the battle; the other half is getting accepted by the school itself. In order to increase your chances of being accepted, we advise you to carefully prepare for the interview.

How should you prepare for the interview?

  • Research each school thoroughly to which you apply
    • Visit the school’s website
  • Prepare pertinent questions about the school and its program
  • Be ready to discuss why you would like to be a student at that particular school
  • Demonstrate your interest in the program as well as provide convincing reasons for why you should be admitted
  • Be prepared to comment upon current issues in medicine and health care

What interviewing resources are available?

Student Doctor and Interviewing for Health Professions Schools provide sample interview questions and answers.

How else might you prepare?

In addition to your HPAC interview, you can prepare for the health professional school interview by requesting a mock interview through Career Services, (610) 330-5115) and/or practice using the College’s webcam system which you can use anywhere from the comfort of your own computer: Interview Stream (


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